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Acesulfame K

Basic facts of the product:

Acesulfame K offers a unigue combination of advantages for food and beverage manufacturers.

Formula------ C4H4KNO4S

●High Sweeter---- It's 200 times sweeter than a 3 percent sucrose solution.
●Good Sensory Properties---- It has a quickly perceptible sugar-like taste that does not linger or leave an aftertaste.
●Good Heat Stability---- Its stability in solid form appears to be virtually unlimited. Though it lacks a defined melting point, thermal decomposition occurs around 225 (437), well above the temperatures used in food and beverage processing.
●Excellent Liquid Stability---- It exhibits excellent stability over a broad PH range. It may be used with confidence under processing conditions typical, to liquid systems including pasteurization, UHT and HTST.
●Good Solubility---- Its ease of dissolution in liquids allows it to blend quickly with aqueous food components. Its solubility in water increase with temperature from 27 percent (W/W) at 20 to more than 50 percent at 100.
●Excellent Synergy---- Use of Acesulfame K with other non-nutritive sweeteners can result in synergistic effect.The level of perceived swcctness becomes greater than the sum of the parts. As a re-sult, as much as 20-40% less total sweetener may be required to achieve the desired sweetness level.
●High Safety ----The safety of Acesulfame K has been demonstrated enough. Acesulfame k is non -hazardous and non-toxic, and does not require health warning or information labels.
●Uses ----The current more than 70 countries or areas have permitted the use of Acesulfame K as a food additive. Acesulfam K is used primarily in a wide range of the food formulations for example be- verages, wines, confections, chewgum, dry bases for desserts, dry bases for dairy product analogs, backed goods, yogurts, refrigerated and frozen desserts, table top sweeteners, salad dressing, table syrups, etc. and the drugs, or the other products. Acesul- fame K provides the versatility that can help you met your toughest reduced calorie and reduce your risk for coronary disease and require sugar-free food formulation, for diabetic etc. When using Acesulfame K in food, drugs and other products, the range and maximum levels must observe the respective regulations governing the use of this food additive in your country or area.
●Appearance and Color ---White crystalline powder, oderless.
●Specification ----The quality of Acesulfame K must achieve the standard of the

The standard of FCC



Content of Acesuifame K(C4H4NO4SK,as dty basis) wt%≤


Fluoride (as F) , wt% ≤


Heavy metals (as Pb),  wt% ≤


Lead ,  wt% ≤


Dry weight loss ,  wt% ≤


PH of a 1 in 100 Solution   


Potassium ,  wt% ≤