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Food grade L-calcium lactate

Basic Information

Formula: [CH3CHOHCOO]2Ca5H2O

Molecular weight: 308.4

Performance: This product is a kind of white particle or powdery have no smell or a special smell slightly, weathering nature a little. Its apt to dissolve it in the hot water, do not dissolve in the ethanol, ether and chloroform.

Specification: particle, powdery.

Packing: Container bag packaging, 25kg/p or use cardboard barrel, Use food grade polyethylene plastic barrel inside.

Main use: This product has high solubility, fast in dissolve speed, high utilization ratio and good in taste. It is the fine calcium source; apply to the fields, such as the beverage, food health products, etc.

Technical indicator:

Differentiation                 The differentiation which shows calcium salt and lactic acid salt reacts

Content                       98-101%

Water dissolution experiment      not muddy

Dry weightlessness              22.0-27.0%

Free acid                      0.45%

Dissociate the alkali             pink

Volatility fatty acid              no smell

Leed                        0.001%

Heavy metal                  0.002%

Arsenic salt                   0.0002%

Magnesium & alkali metal       1.0%

Molysite                     0.005%

Chloride                      0.05%

Sulphate                      0.075%

Fluoride                       0.0015%