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Food grade lactic acid


Molecular weight: 90.08

Performance: This product is colorless transparent viscidity liquid, a little acid, guide wetly; the aqueous solution shows the acid reaction. Can be mixed, not dissolved with water, ethanol or ether wantonly in the chloroform.

Specification: 80%, 85%

Packing: Use food grade polyethylene plastic barrel, Net weight is 25kg/b or 250kg/b.

Main use: This product is natural occurrence and gentle acid, etc.Its widely use in food, beer and baccy, etc.


Technical indicator:

Differentiation                 The aqueous solution shows acidly and the lactic acid salt is presented in the hope of being improved and reacted

Lactic Content                 80-90%

Color                        150APHA

Chloride                      0.002%

Sulphate                      0.005%

Heavy metal                   0.0001%

Arsenic salt                   0.0001%

Molysite                      0.001%

Ignition residual                0.1%

Calcium salt                   Pass the experience

In ether solubility               passes the experience

Reduce candies                 pass the experience

Cyanide                       0.005%

Oxalic acidPhosphoric acid      Pass USP experiment

Tartaric acidCitric acid